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Jun 22 2013

Stay More Than Two Years

For my last couple of posts, I’ve been posting about my recent hiring at a private school.  I found it instructive to look at some of the ways it sold itself to parents, namely by the fact that it kept class sizes small and did not overtest, and to contrast those things with what the…

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For the past several years, two of the more common claims from the ed reform community are that class size is unimportant to student achievement and that test scores provide an effective way of evaluating teachers and schools.   Interviewing for my new job at a French/English bilingual school, I was struck by how much…

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Jun 17 2013

A New Direction

On June 1st I was hired to a new job at a bilingual French/English private school as a third grade teacher.  Although I was happy at the charter school where I was working and proud of the work that I did this past school year, the fact that I was only a long term sub…

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